Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Been Awhile

     It has been many months since the last post. It appears this blog will be taking on a new light as the new year approaches. So many things have changed in my life since the last post. I moved out and am trying to make it on my own. Also the was/still is confusion on what I believe in. With so many changes going on I let many things go to the wayside, this blog and my fitness taking the biggest hits. So from now on this blog will be about my journey where ever it may take me. My successes and failures in my fitness, the music I want to make, and all other manner of things that happen to us all in life.
  For now fitness is my focus, and music but that will be another post, and boy have I lost my way. I forced myself to step on to the thing most hated by 90% of females, the scale. That torture device slapped me in the face with the number 177. For my small frame 177 lb. is not a good number at all.
   What does one do when slapped in the face? You punch back with as much force as possible. The first day after I went running/walking with a friend to get back on track. Also trying to refocus on starting to do yoga again and consuming more fresh vegetables and legumes and less processed forms of nutrition.                                   The hardest part after trying to get back in the groove of things is to cut down on my alcohol consumption. My friends whiskey and beer will be less frequently seen, unfortunately. Although we used to meet about once or twice a week, it appears that that is still too often according to what my body is saying.
  It is not fun to be a chunky vegan. This will change, I will be the healthy vegan with an amazing ass and a great all around fitness level. It is not just a new years resolution but a life resolution.  I have the power to achieve all I want to in this life, and it is not fear of failure that should hold me back.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Born into the Wrong Generation

 Hello Rehabbers! Again it has been a while but now we are back. I personally was in a funk that I am still trying to shake. In the meantime exciting things have been going on, case and point: Earth day was last week!
 For most that means nothing however to us in rehab it is a pretty big deal. We took two days to partake in various festivities! It was glorious.

 On the actual date of earth day Nikki and I joined forces for the first day of adventure. First thing on the list: Fill our Bellies!  We headed to Drunken Monkey to get lots of delicious food which included vegan pastries, hot dogs, wraps and beverages. Although Drunken Monkey is not a fully vegan establishment they do offer a ton of vegan options and an amazing atmosphere. For me personally it was love at first sight and bite. yum.
  After we stocked up on edible goods from that lovely establishment it was time to commence with phase two: a picnic in Mead Gardens. With lots of shade and places to explore Mead Gardens is an amazing place in Winter Park. With free admission it makes it even more desirable in my eyes. We sat at some picnic tables and took it all in. Like hippies we played guitar, took in the marvels of nature and hugged trees. I also got attacked by a beetle and we may or may not have gotten lost at one point in time as well. Ah fun times.
 On the second day of adventure was even more amazing in its earth day glory. On this day we journeyed to Central Florida Earth Day held on the 23rd of April. This event was held at Lake Eola and was a mash up of art, food, activism and music. There was so much to check out that it was hard to decide where to start.
  As always I started off with food munching on a cinnamon sugar doughnut from Babycakes. While eating that morsel from heaven we scoped out the lay of the land. The next stop was at the Orlando Food not Bombs table. By giving a donation to their work you could reap the benefits of your good deeds with a tasty treat. Mine was a PB&J Cuppy. So good and such a great cause.
 Nikki had already been at the fest for a while so she showed me the way to more amazing things. One of which included some great artist that where some really authentic people. At their table Nikki bought a print and got a bird on her neck done in Henna. I also had the pleasure of hearing a wonderful woman sing. Her name was Kaleigh Baker and I swear she is Janis Joplin in another form. Check her out here.
 As we explored some more the hunger for more delicious food became stronger. That's where the lovely ladies of Love is Love Collective come into play. Their tent was right next to Raphsodic's and full of wonderful aromas that pulled me in. Love is Love is known for their vegan soul food of which we had the Buffalo "chicken" panini with mac and cheese and sorrel. Also BBQ quesadilla was another  food option as well. If I were to have any children, I would name them after the ladies at Love is Love. The food was that good.
  As we enjoyed our spoils from the Love is Love tent we got one more treat. Another amazing singer, Ms. Dani Shay was brought to our attention. She shared with us her soul and we ate it up with each passing lyric. She was a truly fitting musician to close out our day two of our Earth Day adventures. Reminding us truly that everything we do is interconnected with the world around us.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Set Your Alarm Clock, I'll Set My Goals

  Last time in "Fitness from rehab" we talked about motivation with a specific relation to change. This time I want to talk about goals and their relation to fitness. Goals are what keep you going once you have decided to make that change. One of the reasons why I had never stuck to any fitness goals in the past is that the focus was all wrong. Instead of concentrating on goals that would be felt and met with a sense of achievement, there was a focus on numbers and looks.
  This go around the approach is all different. Instead of focusing on a number on a scale, I am striving for miles that can be conquered and boundaries that can be pushed. As part of a way to keep myself accountable here are some my Fitness goals for 2011:

- Run the Baldwin Park Half Marathon- pounding out 13.1 miles to prove my indomitable will

- Be able to do 10 pull ups by the end of the year

- Try something new every month  (Stand Up Paddle boarding, Hot Yoga, Etc.)

  These are goals that keep pushing you to achieve, and do not leave you at a dead end. So for all those trying to get motivated or stay motivated in the spring; Remember that it is not what you see in your  body that counts but what you feel. It is a focus on never settling for a number on the scale, or a clothing size. Rather it is a commitment to pushing your limits and your boundaries so that you will always have an area to improve or something new to try. So get out of your comfort zone and try something that you have always wanted and make goals that are actually fun and empowering to accomplish.

" Remember this: Your body is your slave; It works for you." - Jack LaLane

- L

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Modern Day Drifter

  So last night I decided to have an adventure. It was saturday and I had the night off which I assure you is very rare. Deciding to jump on this opportunity I thought that I would go to check out the Moon Circle happenings at Dandelion Communitea Cafe and try to open myself up to new people and experiences there. After noshing on some delicious chili and one quite delicious beverage, (thank you Orlando Brewing  Co.) I ambled outside to the circle. As I gazed at it the most curious sensation came over me. I felt as an outsider looking in, like I was watching what was before me as if they were actors in a movie and I was just the audience. So I did what I do best, I drifted.
  The Colonial Mills area of Orlando is one of the most interesting places to wander. You can see people in Vietnamese restaurants creating bonds over different dishes. People shopping for foods in various markets that carry delicacies not found in other places. There are so many things to see and observe. I found myself making my way up the block from Dandy to my favorite Vegan Bakery Raphsodic. It was one of those rare times you happen upon something wonderful.
  All I really wanted was a cupcake and maybe some pleasant conversation. I stumbled upon one of my favorite things, after cuppycakes, live music. There were two wonderful gentlemen from Gainesville playing everything from the blues, to hymns and even some bluegrass. It was music that you was tangible in the way it filled the room and your body. It was beautiful, real, and honest. It also drew people in that were a reflection of the music in that aspect.
  In addition to listening to that wonderful euphonious marriage of sound and soul, the people I met that evening really made the experience outstanding. They were not afraid to tell someone their story that was a stranger. Although we parted ways still not knowing each others names, it felt as if I had been talking to long lost friends that were imparting the wisdom of their experiences to me.
  As I crossed the intersection and headed back to my car I gazed at the moon that was the original purpose of my outing that evening. While I gazed at it's beauty I realized I had an adventure that had showed me more than most of my previous escapades. That is something that I will treasure forever. So to all of you that find yourself with the feelings I mentioned at the beginning of this post, just remember to explore and wander. Sometimes the most wonderful moments in life are stumbled upon. - L

Monday, March 14, 2011

lets get it started

   So this morning, as I rolled out of bed cursing the U.S. Government for its meddling with my clock, I had no drive to work out. The only drive I had was to hurl my alarm clock across the room so it would shut up. If you haven't guessed I am so a morning person. However I know that if I do not try to do some sort of physical activity before Noon, I know it will never happen. So I looked at my goal sheet, my rewards sheet and decided that today I would do a strength routine for upper body.
  As I did reps of tricep extensions, bicep curls and all other means of movement to give me a goddess like feeling of strength in this region, I started to think about why I pushed myself today. Sure I have kick butt goals and a super awesome rewards system that usually isn't enough for me to say "Whoo HOO Exercise!"
  The closest thing I can come up with is a quote by J.F. K.

" There are risks and costs to action . But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction"

I am tired of not acting upon what I want and the changes I want. I have to take that action to make that change. That accountability, and the awesome playlists I make, motivate me, -L

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sweet and the Savory

  Today it was time to discuss some very important ideas and to just hang out in general. What better way to do that than at the table surrounded by mounds of fruit and delicious vegan sausage crumbles?
  The rehabbers were reunited and this time was spent planning for the future around a smorgasbord of French Toast, fruit, and a savory sausage scramble. It was epic. Lauren brought the "sausage" as a surprise! How sweet! Er, savory.
 Never having tried it before, I have to say, "Holy garbanzo beans, that was damn good."
Of course, it was tested on the non-vegans of the house. It got a big thumbs up from both members.

So we began, I stuck to the sweet and Lauren to the savory.

May I say we must be cooking gods. Just saying, we must be.

In the end, this was a really great day and meal. We finished it off by painting in the front yard. In the sun. With the outside cat, Max. Best way to

I can only hope for more days like this.

And meals. More meals too.

Vegan French Toast

Stale french bread loaf cut into one inch slices.
Vanilla soymilk (1 cup)
Cinnamon (a couple dashes)
Vanilla Extract (a couple drops)
Cornstarch (2 tbsp)
Flour(1/4 cup)

Soak the bread in the mixture for a few seconds on each side. Like pancakes, place in pan on medium heat until brown on both sides.

Top with powdered sugar, maple syrup, fruit, or in our case, Organic Blueberry Preserves.

  Savory Sausage Scramble

Diced potatoes (3 cups when diced)
Chopped carrots (about a cup when chopped, or two whole carrots)onion, chopped
Handful or more of spinach
Three cloves garlic, minced
Vegan sausage

Heat potatoes first in pan until soft.
Add carrots until soft.
Add onion.
Add garlic.
Add sausage, pulling it off in pieces for the crumbly effect.
Add spinach last as it is most delicate.
Spice as desired.

I had mine with a hint of ketchup :]

This truly was a Feast of a brunch. Finish it off with tea if you'd like. we did.- N

Monday, February 14, 2011

No More Squishy!

   Skinny. Thin. Insanely gorgeous. These are all attributes that people are futilely trying to achieve thanks to todays media. If you are not one of these things, then society gives the impression that you will never achieve a true sense of happiness with yourself. This is commonplace ideal in western society and its becoming a subtle message in the way many organizations are marketing Veganism.  Skinny little things loving various vegetables in very very interesting poses. Sound familiar?
  When I first became a vegan almost a year ago I told myself it was for the sake of my health and how living this way made me feel. With a family history of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and a whole slew of other things that could kill me down the road.  Then further down the road I found a commitment to animals that has kept me going. However I was not immune to the images of skinny girls that were committed to this lifestyle as well. I thought that just by eating vegan foods and living the lifestyle would magically make me that beautiful girl that turned heads when I walked in the room. Funny thing is i'm not that girl at all.

   I am a squishy vegan. I eat all the "right" foods but somehow I forgot about one important thing: Fitness. I believe that this is something that is not emphasized enough in our community. Much time is spent on food, which I don't have any real objections against, but when looking for a balance with fitness there is not as much emphasis. Its more of a footnote or even side note at best and I feel that needs to change. I don't want to be a squishy vegan, I want to be a healthy vegan in all the aspects of the word.
   Number one on the objective to being a healthy vegan is making fitness a bigger and better part of my life. I no longer want to be a vegan who eats an extremely fresh and fulfilling variety of foods and expect that alone to make me look like Natalie Portman or Olivia Wilde. I want to be active and push the limits of what I think I can do. Its taken me almost nine months to develop this outlook. Nine months to realize that there was more to the formula of healthy living then I was believing. Its like I'm having a child of an epiphany, and I do not wish for others to have to wait that long if they have not met this realization.
  I think there needs to be a shift from how we show a vegan lifestyle. Instead of showing scantily clad women for the cause, we should try showing real everyday vegans that are making the change. We should be talking more about how fitness plays a role in this lifestyle in addition to helping animals and eating delicious foods. Change always has to start somewhere, and here in rehab at least one post a week will be dedicated to this cause. Now I am warning you that I am in no way a fitness professional, and the only thing I am certified in besides eating is CPR. However, as a person on a journey for constant self-improvement I can share my experiences, triumphs and weaknesses. So today we are starting something to change perspectives, stereotypes and hopefully some lives. Let operation Rehab Fitness begin.